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MAXA-Lock is an easy-to-use and effective security product for Windows.
By providing an intuitive interface and providing the user with a diverse set of options, it has quickly become the product of choice for all levels of users.

Leave your working place with an easy mind as MAXA-Lock is protecting your desktop, and in case an intruder tries to get access, will alarm you via email, Skype® or SMS. MAXA-Lock can take pictures or video sequences of the intruder with a webcam.

On your return, you will have an access log of all access attempts.

Key Features:

  • Block access to desktop and applications
  • Every single access attempt is logged
  • Multilingual - English, German and Spanish
  • Skype support - complete Skype® integration in the Pro version
  • Locking possible with selected key combination
  • Hide/Show all desktop icons with a single click
  • Screen Saver emulation
  • Security timer can lock automatically after a time of inactivity
  • Webcam integration - automatically take pictures or capture video of whomever is attempting to break into your computer.
  • Alarm email: Attacks are sent to an email address of your choice - PLUS webcam pictures can also be sent!
  • All four Skype features are supported (Chat Mode, Audio Mode, Video Mode and SMS)
  • If you are connected to Skype with your MultiMedia Cell phone you can actually monitor any intruder in Real-Time!
Please find more information in the Whitepaper.

Download MAXA Lock Standard - Purchase MAXA Lock Pro - Information about MAXA Lock Enterprise

MAXA Lock Pro is included in MAXA Security Tools and MAXA Crypt SE.
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