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MAXA Security Tools - Features and Screenshots

Encryption (MAXA-Crypt):


  1. Based on AES providing a practical security level of 100%
  2. Constant 256-bit key length
  3. Possiblity to distribute the security among multiple pass phrases
  4. No format or size limitations for the encrypted files
  5. Encryption of very large files
  6. Minimal encryption overhead
  7. High size-reduction factor
  8. Encryption via Windows Explorer context menu
  9. An automated pass-phrase generator
  10. Virtual keyboard to prevent key loggers
  11. Further processing options with Steganography
  12. Decryption possible with free MAXA Crypt Mobile
  13. Compatible to the online text encryption
  14. Encrypted print-out
  15. No "Back Door Key" possible
  16. Online Email Encryption/Decryption
  17. Multilingual (German, English, Spanish, French)



  1. Usage of container files to camouflage data
  2. Hide data in pictures (JPG / JPEG)
  3. Hide data in audio files (WAV)
  4. Container files are only changed very slightly and can be displayed or played as before

File Manipulator:

File Manipulator

  1. Secure deletion (shredding) of files
  2. Manipulation of file attributes
  3. Manipulation of file dates

Trace Remover:

Trace Remover
  1. Removes traces of Windows activities, software usage and online leftovers
  2. Document cleaner: Removes unwanted information that is kept in Word documents like name of editor, installed printers, time used to create the document and text of previous versions of the document.


MAXA SecurEdit
  1. Executable encrypted RTF (text and image) container
  2. Everything is password secured in one mobile EXE file
  3. Easily distribute confidential information
  4. Calculation functions for numbers theory
  5. Checksum calculations to uncover data file changes
  6. Time calculations
  7. Supports ZIP extention too
  8. Multilingual (German, English, Spanish, French)


MAXA-Lock settings MAXA-Lock locked screen
  1. Computer access control
  2. Locks screen after inactivity and boot
  3. Anti-Icon-Mode for Airline travellers
  4. Intuitive user guidance
  5. Screen-saver emulation
  6. Alarm function in case of unauthorized access attempts:
    • Warning via Email
    • Warning via Skype/SMS
    • Recording of webcam images
  7. Also available as standalone version and branded version

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