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MAXA Notifier for Skype

MAXA Notifier is a Skype Add-On that notifies you about your individual contact's state changes audibly and can read your contact's messages to you. So you only need to be in hearing distance of your computer to be informed. Supports Wave, Midi and MP3 files and can even read text messages you enter via the text to speech engine.

Notice: Skype has announced to strongly reduce its API staring with version 6.23. Therefore MAXA Notifier will not work from this version on. We are disappointed that Microsoft does take a stance against an open Skype environment. Currently, it is possible to keep using or downgrade to Skype version 6.22 which can be downloaded from here.

MAXA Notifier for Skype is freeware.

A branded version (company logo or similar) is possible for a favorable price.

More information in the whitepaper

Download MAXA Notifier (1MB)




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