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"He who does not protect his privacy, has none!"
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MAXA Crypt Portable

Welcome to MAXA Crypt Portable, a free, safe and easy to use encryption software, a mobile module of MAXA Security Tools.

MAXA Crypt Portable allows anyone to easily encrypt files, directory trees and texts using the 256-bit Rijndael algorithm. This algorithm is the winner of the Advanced Encryption Standard Contest. Multiple files can be encrypted and compressed into a single file.
The program is under 500 KB of size and can be run on any Windows PC (or Linux, if using Wine). Since this is a stand-alone application, no installation is necessary, making this the ideal application to take with you everywhere, on your USB stick.

In addition, we even provide an online encrption interface that can be used en route to encrypt and decrypt text and send sensitive data by email.

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