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MAXA Cookie Manager 4.0

MAXA Research is proud to announce the release of its flagship product MAXA Cookie Manager in version 4.0.
This is a major upgrade and includes a completely redesigned and modernized user interface as well as improved recognition and handling of web bugs (tracking cookies).

Here's a list of the most important changes:

  • Completely revised and updated interface
    • Using Windows Vista Aero Glass effects
    • Redesign of the counter dashboard along with new, eye catching digital counter displays
    • Integrated fade-in/fade-out sub-dashboard for additional details
  • New Settings window
  • Ability to individually customize different sounds for notifications
  • New alert window that warns about web bug cookies found on your computer, allowing the user to immediately delete or block them
  • Built in definitions of web bug sites and white list choices in the wizard can be regularly updated from our server to ensure that the internal database is always current
  • Button to suggest addition of site to the wizard's white list choices
  • Choice of cookie filtering is now retained after restart/refresh
  • New user manual
  • Additional minor improvements

How to upgrade?

This upgrade is free for anyone who has purchased MCM in the last 60 days. Just download and install the new version over your old one.

Users of a previous version that purchased more than 60 days ago can upgrade for only $15 / EUR 10 here.

MAXA Cookie Manager 4.0

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