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General (Purchasing, Order)
Q: Which kind of payment opportunities do you offer to buy your software?
A: We cooperate with the payment providers Paypal, ShareIt and Fastspring. They allow you to pay via Credit Card, Money Order, Mail Cheque and Wire Transfer. Please look in our online shop for more information.
Q: On how many computers may I install the software?
A: According to the license agreement, with one license, you may use the software on two computers simultaneously, e.g. on your laptop and your desktop computer. More information about license handling can be found in this document.
Q: Do you provide the software on CD?
A: No, we only offer our product electronically. After payment is confirmed, you will receive your receipt, by email. This email will contain your download link and activation code. This means, you can start using the software within minutes from now. The download link is not time limited.
Q: When I purchase the software, do I own it or do I have to renew the license annualy and have to pay again?
A: No, the license is not limited by time. Even updates within the same generation are free of charge. Only upgrades (major change) must be purchased for US$ 15.00, but you can of course keep using the version you purchased for ever.
Q: How can I install the software on another computer/after reinstalling the OS?
A: Just download it again from the download link we sent you via email after your pruchase.
Q: My online payment was confirmed an hour ago and I have still not received the download details by email.
  • First, please verify your email address. If you purchased using PayPal, we will only send the email to the PayPal email address.
  • In addition, please check your Junk/Spam Folder to make sure that it isn't there by accident.
  • eCheck purchases may take longer until they are cleared.
  • If you still cannot find the email, then please, contact us.

MAXA Cookie Manager
Q: What is the difference between MAXA Cookie Manager Standard (STD) and Pro?
A: A detailed comparison chart of both versions is availabe here.
Q: Is MAXA Cookie-Manager available for MAC OS?
A: No, currently we support only the Windows world.
Q: I don't see MAXA Cookie Manager running - how can I open it?
A: MAXA Cookie Manager runs automatically with Windows, if you selected it in the settings, and runs in background to manage your cookies. The icon to access it is located at the bottom right of your screen, next to the clock. Depending on your Windows settings, it can also be hidden behind an arrow:
Cookie Manager Icon
Alternatively, you can run the program via its entry in the start menu.
Q: Do you provide updates to MAXA Cookie Manager when the major browsers are updated?
A: Yes, we plan updates on a regulary base. As you know browsers are updated quite frequently and the staff at MAXA works hard to make sure that our products are updated at the same time. Updates are free of charge normally. If there is a generation change (i.e. V 2.6 to V 3.0), that upgrade is available for US$ 15.00 for existing users.
Q: How do I update to the newest version of MAXA Cookie Manager?
A: Click on the button "About" and then on "Check for update online".
Q: Since I installed a new version of Firefox an error message is displayed when I check for cookies while Firefox is running.
A: Please update to the newest version of MAXA Cookie Manager. To do this, click the button "About" and then on "Check for update online". Furthermore, check that the Firefox extension of MAXA Cookie Manager is not disabled by opening the Firefox menu Tools, Add-Ons and looking in extensions.
Q: My license number is not being accepted and/or activated!
  • Please verify that you have entered your serial number correctly (including the dashes).
  • Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. In case you use any firewall or web washing software, deactivate them during the activation.
  • If you still cannot activate the product, please contact us, including a description of the steps you did and error messages you may have got.
Q: I'm browsing the web, but cookie manager seems not to pick up any cookies. Why?
A: If the cookie list is empty this can have different causes:
  • First try to manually refresh the list (click the button Refresh in the main window).
  • Please check the settings regarding automatic deletion in the options windows. If this is activated, your cookies will be deleted automatically, according to the criteria specified.
  • Please check in the Blacklist settings (Click on the "Manage blocked sites" button) to see if you have selected any cookie types to be completely deleted (setting can be found in the lower part of that window).
  • The browser settings may have been changed so that the browser no longer accepts cookies. To check for the correct browser settings, please run MAXA Cookie Manager's Configuration Wizard and go through the steps to correct the browser settings.
  • Or you maybe activated a filter - check the button "Filter Type"
  • If that does not help, please visit this site, place the cookies and check which ones are recognized. Then contact support.
Q: Why does MAXA Cookie Manager not show session cookies / all the cookies Firefox lists in its cookie list?
A: The cookies for which Firefox shows "valid until: end of the session" are session cookies. These cookies are not displayed in the list of MAXA Cookie Manager because of the following reasons:
  • Session cookies are only valid until the browser is closed.
  • Session cookies normally have a legitimate purpose, are necessary for using lots of websites and because of their short lifetime don't have negative privacy implications.
  • Using URL-Rewriting websites can achieve the same functionality than with session cookies, so it would not help to delete them.
Q: How do I switch off the sounds in MAXA Cookie Manager?
A: Click on the button "Settings" and make sure there is no check in the check box "Play Sounds".
Q: What is the difference in the Blacklist between only blocking cookies and "complete block"?
A: The cookie blocking setting instructs MAXA Cookie Manager to delete such cookies as soon as it finds them. However, Complete Blocking will prevent any data traffic to the blocked domains in advance. This will mean that the blocked site(s) cannot be opened in the browser at all.
If you only want to block cookies, but still visit the website, then use the cookie blocking option. The Complete Block is great for third party sites (like popups) that are loaded from the webpage that you are viewing (mostly advertisements, etc.) but that you do not want to visit at all.
Q: How do I change the language that MAXA Cookie Manager uses?
A: The language is automatically set based on the default language that your computer uses. However, you can manually choose between four languages in the settings area. After selecting a different language, you will need to restart the program for the new setting to take effect.
Q: I want more background information about how cookies work and what types there are!
A: Our Whitepaper explains everything you need to know.
Q: Since I activated the option to delete all cookies that are not in the white list, the counter of deleted cookies increases faster than before.
A: What is happening is that the cookies are being deleted immediately after they are found. When you revisit the website or refresh the page, the page will try to set new cookies, but then they are deleted again. This is perfectly normal behavior.
Q: Why do some cookies remain after deletion (Standard version)?
A: These are either browser independent cookies or advanced cookies. These cookies will only be deleted in the Pro version.
Q: Cookie Manager does not detect any web bugs!
A: This can be caused by any of the three following reasons:
  • You have not evaluated the cookies (please press the "Evaluate" button).
  • You have already activated automatic deletion, in which case the web bugs are deleted as well.
  • The websites you visited did not contain any web bugs.
Q: When blocking cookies in Windows Vista, I get a security message asking for administrative privileges. Do I need to confirm?
A: Yes, in order to block websites completely, administrative privileges are needed in Windows Vista, as it affects all users on that machine.
Q: I find other .sol Files on my hard drive, but MAXA Cookie Manager does not show them as Flash Cookies / the Flash Player settings manager shows a list of visited pages.
A: Some .sol files do not save information provided by the website but only save settings related to your site-wise configuration of the Flash plugin. These are the settings you can access and set by right clicking a Flash video and chosing "settings", e.g. to allow access to webcam and audio, etc.
Usually, a user will like that these settings are retained. As additionally these files do not present any threat to privacy (they do not contain information set by the site and are not sent to it when visiting it), we don't list them as cookies. For people who have access to your computer, they can however reveal a kind of browing history. They can be deleted with MAXA Cookie Manager's "Clean History and Cache" feature.

MAXA Notifier for Skype
Q: I am getting the message that Skype is not installed, but I'm using the latest release of Skype.
A: In order for MAXA Notifier to work, Skype's "Extras Manager" must be installed. You may have inadvertently selected to not install this option when you installed Skype. Simply re-install Skype together with the Extras Manager (you do not have to uninstall Skype to do this) and MAXA Notifier will work.
Q: What's the difference between the actions "Status is not Offline any more" and "Status becomes available"?
A: The action "Status is not Offline any more" is triggered when a contact that was offline before has just come online and therefore their status has been changed to either "Available", "Away" or "Busy". The action "Status becomes available" is triggered if the contact changes from any status to "Available"

MAXA Security Tools
Q: How do I extract a steganographic file or text from an image?
A: You need to open MAXA Security Tools, click on the tab "Steganography" on the top and then click on "Extract from an image file" on the left. Then you need to choose whether a text or a file was inserted into the image.
Q: Do other people I send encrypted files to need MAXA Security Tools as well, to be able to decrypt data, that was encrypted by me?
A: No, with the correct pass phrase, our free software MAXA Crypt Mobile can decrypt all files that were encrypted with MAXA Security Tools.

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