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MAXA Cookie Manager - Feature comparison chart

List all cookies that are on your machine
Show type, website, size, date of creation and modification, expiration date. Filter, evaluate and sort. Overview of total number of stored, new and deleted Cookies.
Display the content in human readable form
Look at what the website stores on your computer.
Manage Standard Browser Cookies
Standard http-Cookies of all the major browsers are supported (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, K-Meleon, Flock and derivates).
Manage Special Browser Cookies
Firefox DOM Storage and Internet Explorer UserData Storage.
YESCan be shown and examined but not be deleted
Manage Browser-Independent Cookies
Flash-Cookies and Silverlight Isolated Storage.
These are especially a risk to privacy as they are shared among all browsers and are not deleted together with standard browser cookies.
YESCan be shown and examined but not be deleted
Evaluate the possible threats to your personal information and security
Rate cookies in red, yellow or green according to their threat. Recognize web bugs.
Black list: Permanently disable and automatically delete cookies
Choose websites or cookie types you do not want at all. Cookie specific blocking or total blocking. Prevents recurrent cookies.
White list: Permanently protect cookies Keep the cookies you want to or need to keep. Stay logged in on your favourite sites while still keeping your privacy. YESNo
Deletion of History and Cache
Of all supported browsers and plug-ins. Protects from history stealing and evercookies.
YESManually, not automatically
Online Reference-database
Contains on average information about over 200,000 sites that may place suspicious or fraudulent cookies. Is updated half-hourly and interactive – users can submit their own opinions and experiences about a cookie’s server.
Configuration Wizard
Checks all installed browsers for correct cookie configuration.
Pre fills the white list with sites you trust and want to use.
Export cookies to HTML
Create a list of cookies on your system that can be sent or archived.
Local Cookie Search
Searches for strings in the content of your cookie.
License Two License PackageFree
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