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MAXA Cookie Manager - What Users Say

MAXA Cookie Manager reviews in the media

The following comments were sent to us by users via our feedback form:


"Awesome product!!! I'm amazed at the amount of cookies put on my computer every time I visit a new website, some of which are tracking. What I do is MY business, and nobody elses. The Web Bug feature outperforms Norton Antivirus on many occasions."

"Finally I have a proper safety control during surfing. I especially like the possibility of to make all kinds of settings of my own."

"Easy to use. Very effective at blocking and/or removing ALL cookies. Display makes it obvious which cookies are present, where they are coming from, and whether or not they are a threat. Does not slow down pc performance. Very fast, invisible, and efficient. Great product!"

"I have tried several other programmes that are supposed to delete cookies but most have failings. Cookie Manager Pro does everything I want. It shows what the cookies are - deletes ALL types and gives clear explanations of what is happening.
Between the quality of the program and your very responsive support I'll spread the word to anyone I can."

"Hi! Just wanted to say this product is fantastic! It may only tackle one issue but it does what it is supposed to do and it does it without fault. There are not many anti-bug products available that can be so described and none as good as this."

"MAXA Cookie Manager is exactly what I have been looking for for a very long time. With proper controllable functionality this is the best product on the market for me, thank you."

"I saw your product advertised on and it was highly recommended. So I tried it at work first. I like the concept of a white list, that protects the good cookies. It is fast and efficient and easy to use. wonderful product. I liked it so much, I got it for my home computer also."

"The best product to handle Firefox and other newly developed cookies. Easy to understand GUI. Provides easy-to-use control over blocking and allowing cookies."

"I did pull up the free version initially. I was glad to have a chance to see how the application looked and functioned. After seeing that, that made getting the Pro essential, so that I didn't have to manually remove new cookies as they appeared. It was nice to be able to set options and have the application do the work for me. I was happy to find the option to turn off the sound alert (because that got annoying fast!). While it was on, however, it certainly gave a good indication that Cookie Mgr. Pro was doing its job."

"I love the control that comes with managing web based cookies so easily and conveniently. I think you have a great product, and will consider other products available from your company. Your customer support is awesome, and that speaks well of your company also."

"One of the most practical and effect software packages I've ever used."

"I want to let you know I feel that MAXA Cookie Manager is an excellent program. Providing the database of cookies and your support of the product are also outstanding. Thank you for all your efforts."

"After using the product for a while, I am convinced EVERYONE SHOULD BE USING THIS PRODUCT! I had no idea the extent to which "non browser specific" cookies were being used. I do like the ability to deactivate on one computer and reactivate on another. I wish MS would do that."

"Great product, very happy to find out it was available and thanks for letting us use the free one to try, I wouldn't have bought without knowing more. I didn't realize what a threat these cookies are."

"Fantastic product! Does exactly what I hoped it would do. It immediately detects all kinds of junk. When I do NOT want deletion, the WhiteList does a fine job, plus I can turn that on and off (for example, to keep a online shopping cart temporarily, then allow the removal of junk again, afterward when finished shopping)."

"Thanks for your program. It gives me something to battle these cookies and bugs! With Maxa pro I am now winning the battle! Love it."

"Easy to use. Very effective product. I became aware of the issue of flash cookies in PC World. I feel better about protecting my privacy."

"It works fine with Firefox, runs on very low resources, and everything is informative and just works. I wanted something to replace firefox cookiesafe addon, and although this is payware it is much better."

"It provides protection, in a transparent manner, against clandestine surveillance. It shows what is happening and allows appropriate action to be taken. These features led me to purchase the product."

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful application!! I never would have dreamed how many extra cookies I was picking up due to being so unprotected! Your results are amazing!!!"

"Efficiency and exactness appear to be in place. Intelligent and intuitive, too. I purchased it, because it offers protection against non-conventional cookies. Also, while trying out the Standard Version, I realized that the product provided an insight into the cookie generation/genesis process, thereby enabling me to be more discriminate about the deletion process."

"Your products fill a need. Govt. and marketing is way too intrusive on individual privacy. What ever is left of privacy."

"Poof, they are gone. Negative: All the others are so slow, now I have to find something to do with the extra minutes I have. General: Wish all life was this easy."

"Overall it is a very useful tool. My computer speeded up when I removed the many red cookies... I highly recommend the program to friends and colleagues."

"It deletes cookies that my other cookie crunchers can't find."

"I like your products - they are all very useful, un-bloated, simple to use and user friendly."

"I purchased it because it was the only Cookie Manager that completely removed ALL cookies, i.e. Silverlight etc., and worked flawlessly with Windows 7 64-bit."

"It is fabulous! I like its ability to remove/destroy ALL accumulated cookies while giving me the option to view, evaluate, select, and decide course of action. I also really the sounds with the cookie eating."

"It has removed an incredible number of cookies that I never knew were on my computer. keep up the good work!"

"So far I have only likes. :)"

"Thank you.... Excellent cust service.... You must not be in India....."

"Purchased on a recommendation of a friend. I like the "live action" cookie alerts."

"Product provides ability to block all cookies except those you would like to keep. For my purposes it is excellent - no problems or concerns."

"I saw it on George Ure's Urban Survival website. I was impressed with what he said about it. This is great. I never knew there were so many cookies from websites. I really like how it will delete cookies automatically by itself. Thank you. "

"I had a slow loading computer and a problem with all types of cookies. I had adequate anti-spyware and anti-virus software installed. Tracking cookies were a big problem for me. After installing Maxa-Cookie-Manager-Pro and developing a whitelist my problems with cookies have ceased. My computer runs much faster and it is a great satisfaction. Thank you for your product. I have recommended it to several of my friends."

"George on Urban Survival recommended it. I take serious notice of anything George says. I tried the free sample and was so impressed that I ordered the program. Thank you for filling this important privacy need."

"I like the program because I enjoy the feeling of having control of my computer and the information that it could be sending to unknown parties for unknown purposes. I especially like being able to detect and delete the newer Flash cookies."

"I like the simple, straight-forward interface and the options you supply for dealing with cookies. I first saw this program in use by a Database Architect friend of mine and purchased it by his recommendation. I am happy with your product and what it does. Thank you."

"It has performed very well. Bought it on the recommendation of George Ure at I appreciate the product and excellent service very much."

"I am really impressed by the speed and completeness with which all those cookies are found and identified that I never knew existed, not to mention that it happens in real time. I believe you did a great job and deserve lots of credit! Keep up the good work. It is difficult to find safe and useful products in today's computer environment. Your product seems to be one of them. Keep me informed."


"Im Gegensatz zu anderen Programmen funktioniert Ihr Programm 100%ig auch auf meinem "XP-Professional" von Microsoft und dafür Danke!"

"Optik und Funktionen sind sehr gut gemacht und annimiert. Programm lässt sich sehr leicht bedienen."

"Volle Kontrolle über vorhandene Cookies, übersichtliche Strukturierung der Anzeigen, einfache Bedienung des Programmes, mögliche Automatisierung des Löschvorganges bzw. Entscheidungsfreiheit beim Belassen von Cookies. Eines der besten Programme zum Verwalten von Cookies!"

"Cookies werden schnell und zuverlässig beseitigt. Das ist mein Kaufgrund. Prima Produkt. Sehr nützlich. Fairer Preis."

"Ich habe mich erstmals mit den Cookies befaßt und bin erstaunt übert die Informationen, die ich durch dieses Programm erhalten kann. Eigentlich habe ich es mir nur aus Neugier heruntergeladen."

"Man sieht übersichtlich alle Cookies, kann selbst entscheiden wer welche Informationen sammeln darf. Bedienung ist einfach. Der Privacy Test und die Cookiediagnose finde ich gut, habe noch nichts vergleichbares woanders gesehen."

"Habe Cookies nicht bestellt und will sie nicht, bin froh, dass es diese Möglichkeit zur Entfernung gibt. Cookie Manager wird durch Updates auf aktuelle Erfordernisse angepasst. Bin 70 Jahre alt und voll zufrieden"

"Komfortables und sicheres Entfernen aller Cookies, die durch Browsereinstellungen nicht verhindert werden können. Es entfällt das mühsame Suchen per Hand, und die Automatik-Funktionen lassen das Programm als Hintergrundprogramm laufen. Sehr komfortabel!
Zum Kauf der Profiversion hat mich übrigens die Möglichkeit, Flash-Cookies komfortabel zu löschen, bewogen. Es ist ohne Ihr Programm eine endlose Sucherei danach!"

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