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MAXA Cookie Manager - Reviews in the media

PC MagManages cookies for seven popular browsers as well as advanced and browser-independent cookies. Evaluates risk level and actively warns on appearance of dangerous cookies. Can block specific cookies or entire web sites. Can automatically delete browsing traces and new, dangerous cookies.[...]
It does what it promises to protect your privacy and security [...]

When I ran it on the system I use it for e-mail and editing, it turned up over 3,600 cookies. Most were ordinary browser cookies, but it found several examples of advanced-technology cookies specific to Internet Explorer and Firefox. It also found a few Silverlight-based cookies and a slew of Flash-based ones.
Note that the test system has Norton Internet Security 2011 installed and configured to block what Symantec calls "tracking cookies". The 300 red-flagged cookies that MAXA found either weren't caught or weren't considered seriously malicious by Norton.
[...] I was surprised by how many new cookies turned up even when I wasn't actively surfing the Web.

If you have any doubts as to the level of information available to every Web site you visit, MAXA's Online Privacy Test should be an eye-opener. It displays your precise browser version, Windows version, and screen resolution. Using the IP address supplied by your browser it calculates an approximate location and shows it on a map.
Not convinced? The Advanced Privacy Test page digs deeper. It reports browser settings, recently-visited Web sites, and the name and version of all installed plug-ins. Any Web site you visit can grab this information and store it in a cookie along with information you've actually submitted via a Web form.
On my test system, I had real-world examples of almost every cookie type including advanced and browser-independent ones. That won't be true for everyone. For those who want to experiment with non-standard cookies, MAXA provides a Cookie Diagnostics page that will generate advanced browser cookies for Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as Flash and Silverlight cookies.

Ordinary techniques for deleting and blocking standard browser cookies can't handle the modern cookie technologies used by Web sites whose purpose involves invading your privacy. Yes, its interface isn't the most polished, but if you're concerned about cookies MAXA will definitely keep them under control, even the tough ones.

-PC Magazine, January 21, 2011
BitsDuJourThis is quite a good product. It does as advertised very simply.
It also lets you see the details of individual cookies *including its full file path*. (do you know how cookies are named--and where those Flash cookies live?)
Technical support is responsive: I had a technical question which was answered very quickly.
It's user interface isn't "Martha Stewart" slick, but it's *very* clear, very useful, *very* functional, informative, and also has several powerful tools available, each at the press of its button.
MakeUseOfMAXA Cookie Manager removes the confusion from the entire process of protecting yourself from dangerous tracking cookies. The software comes pre-configured with the majority of the "good" cookies out there, like those that retain your account-specific information for IM chats, your Facebook sessions, and a whole list of other online services where you really want the website to remember you.
Once youíve gone through the quick install Wizard, the software is ready to start protecting you. Itíll always run in the taskbar and it will alert you when any new, malicious cookies arrive while youíre surfing the web. When you open the Cookie Manager, itíll show you a dashboard of all of your current cookies across all browsers.
You can click on the "Export List" button to export your entire cookie list as an HTML output file. This is a good way to send your list off to an IT friend if you want someone to take a closer look at them to determine whether there are any "bad" ones there that the Cookie Manager might have overlooked.
In the Pro Version, you can also configure the software to automatically block specific cookies as well. For the free version, youíll need to have an active part in deleting these tracking cookies.
Don't forget to click on the "Settings" button to explore the options available with this software.
Not many people have the time or the know-how to manually search through every spot on their computer where tracking cookies could reside. These cookies could potentially give away information about yourself that you consider private. MAXA Cookie Manager helps to simplify the process so that you can have greater control over what information is being tracked and what isn't.
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