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Privacy Test

This site demonstrates, which pieces of information a website can find out about you.

Information about Browser and System

We recognized you are using the browser Ia_archiver to view this site, and that you have chosen the language "".

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Geographical Information

IP Address LookupYou are accessing from the IP Address, which has the hostname to this, your location is near to the city of Ashburn in Virginia/United States.

History of visits

You are visiting this site for the first time with this browser or you have deleted or deactivated the corresponding cookies. The current visit has been written into a Cookie; refresh the page to see it.

Browser independent Flash-Cookies

Because of the new browser independent cookies, this history of visits will stay visible, even if you delete your browser cookies and even if you switch to another browser and return to this page, you will see the same history! That's why they're called Browser Independent! A slick way for others to track you and watch you regardless of the browser being used. But, never fear! MAXA Cookie Manager handles these types of cookies as well.

Other site's logins?

Being logged in to social network sites allows them to track you on sites that include "Like" buttons or similar.

And how do cookies come into the game?

Cookies are the tool that allow webmasters to remember that you have visited their site before. This is handy, in a lot of cases such as keeping your login information available so that you don't have to log in every time that you visit the site. However, with cookies the website can track whether you are accessing the site from different locations (e.g. from your home, on holiday, at work, from a hotel (and which one) or at another company), and it can monitor and save your browsing habits and even your interests to create a profile suitable for advertising.

So while cookies often are used for legitimate purposes, some cookies may have a more nefarious purpose. Accepting and keeping all cookies may actually place your privacy at risk, but deleting them all results in a loss of comfort. Recognizing the differences between "good cookies" and "bad cookies" is very difficult. MAXA Cookie Manager can do this for you. And, with its white and blacklists, it helps you to keep those cookies that you need and to delete the others!

Third party cookies integrated into other websites allow them to track you across many different sites. See how tightly coupled the internet is by exploring our cookie relationship graph:
Cookie graph

If you are not concerned, click here for possible scenarios why tracking cookies can be a real problem.

Be anonymous in the Internet

Every internet user is identified by his IP address. A recommended service for hiding your IP address by using proxy cascades is JonDonym. In combination to this, precautions regarding cookies need to be taken, like using MAXA Cookie Manager, as cookies may be a link to other information by which you can be identified.

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We also provide an URL de-shortener.

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