According to our motto:
"He who does not protect his privacy, has none!"
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MAXA Cookie Manager protects your privacy while surfing the Internet.
MAXA Cookie Manager
The first browser independent cookie manager! Protects your privacy against all cookies, including the new breed of super cookies! Great for all users.
MAXA Security Tools protect your data
MAXA Security Tools
The ultimate collection of security tools designed for todayís computing needs.
Strong encryption by MAXA Crypt
MAXA Crypt Portable (Free!)
Strongest encryption technology available. Protect your data and communications NOW!
Lock your computer.
Protect your computer while you are away and be notified by Email, Skype or SMS if someone tries to gain access.
Share encrypted texts in executable containers.
Text2Exe (Free!)
Send encrypted notes to friends and family. This powerful utility takes your text notes and converts them to a secure EXE file. Donít send another note without protecting it first!
Exchange passwords via unsecure channels.
MAXA Key Exchanger (Free!)
The easiest way to send a secure key over an unsecure connection.
Alerts Skype contact state changes.
MAXA Notifier for Skype (Free!)
Skype plugin that provides audible notifications when your contact's status changes. Slot Spiele

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